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Ever seen your neighbor's sprinkler system watering in the rain?

Whether you are home. . . or far away . . .
You need not worry about that.

When we installed your sprinkler system, we included a Mini-Clik Rain Sensor, a device that detects when it rains.

This simply means that your system will not water when sufficient rainfall has occurred. Your timer will reconvene its regularly scheduled program after the water in the ground has reasonably subsided.

How soon your system returns to watering depends on the sensitivity setting. There are about four of them. We usually set your Rain Sensor to 0.25" (one quarter of an inch). We highly suggest a setting of 1/4 inch.

Until 1/4" of rain falls (in the same day, of course), your timer will continue to water as programmed. Once 1/4" of rain does fall, then your timer will continue keeping time, but will not instruct your system to water. As the sun and wind and time occur, your sensor will eventually tell your timer to resume its cycle.

Need to locate your rain sensor?
Look on the eave of your house or garage on the opposite wall of the timer.


Need to adjust the setting to 1/4"?
Simply turn the outer cylinder left/right, then up/down until the notch is in the 1/4" slot. That's it!

Obviously a setting of 1" is much less sensitive to a rainfall. It will take a lot of rain to disrupt your watering schedule. We usually do not recommend such a setting.

Likewise a setting of 1/8" is too sensitive. A light shower will disrupt your watering schedule and you will call us wondering why your system didn't come on that morning.

Click here for technical data on your Mini-Clik Rain Sensor



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