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My sprinkler system won't come on...what's the problem?
Let's check (troubleshoot) a few things:

1.Your timer. Let's try to start your timer manually to check it.
a. Make sure that your timer is getting power.
Check your panel. If it says POWER OFF then your circuit breaker may have tripped or your timer has become unplugged.

b. Make sure your timer is in AUTO and not OFF.
If the time is flashing, then your timer is OFF. Turn the dial one click to the right to AUTO.

c. If it has recently rained your system will not come on.
When the timer comes on at its regular time or when you push the manual start button you will see the timer counting down the minutes as though it is watering. The water is not being sent to your system because the rain sensor is not opening the valves. This is good. Your system is working properly. If you have an Rainbird ESP LX model, you can flip the switch on the front panel to bypass the rain sensor, then try a manual start. You should get water at this time. Otherwise, you will have to adjust your rain sensor to the next highest number or simply wait until the rains dries up.

d. Check to see that your zones have some time set on them. If all your zones have been set to zero "0" your timer will not come on.

2. Your Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) may be blocked.
Check to make sure that the handles of the valves are aligned with the pipe, i.e. in the direction of water flow (see picture below).

3. Your water may be turned off.
Check the water in your home. Does the faucet water come on? If so, check your red valve. It is outside about 8 inches from your water meter. Make sure that the red valve is lined up like the blue valve handles above, parallel (in the same direction) with the water flow.

4. Your wires to the timer may have been cut.
Was there recent cable or phone service? Was there recent underground digging? This could be the problem. Call us at 713-455-5955. This may or may not be covered by your warranty, but you need to get this fixed as soon as possible. We will be able to locate the cut more readily at this time by surveying your property than if you wait weeks or months.

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For our customers, Call us at 713-455-5955 or e-mail us if your problem wasn't solved or covered on this page. We provide telephone and field support in order to get your system back in service.


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