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If you live in the Houston area, and would like to have a sprinkler system installed, please call us at 713-455-5955 or complete an on-line estimate form by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

We will then schedule an appointment to come to your residence and survey your property and give you an estimate in writing.

This service is complimentary. Our goal is to become your sprinkler company for life, so, we won't have our hands out.

Life is busy and your time is precious--so there are a few points that we want to make up front:
We would like for you to be present at the time of the estimate.
This allows us to both meet you, answer any questions that you might have regarding your new system and to, hopefully make installation arrangements. After all, if we left a bid on your door, you aren't going to want us calling you at some inopportune time (it always is...isn't it?) to "follow up".

We will not be the lowest bid.
Our systems are professionally designed. We use only commercial parts (available only to licensed irrigators) and we use head-to-head coverage. This simply means that we use enough heads to efficiently irrigate your property, not just a head over here and another way over there-- somebody grab the binoculars please I think that's one over yonder!

Our systems start at $2,000 minimum.
We price our jobs by the number of zones (watering stations), not by the hour. Our rates are $400-$500 per zone, depending on the difficulty of your landscaping (e.g. boring under driveways, concrete walls, and sidewalks, drilling past and cutting through large tree roots, etc). Most yards are about 6 to 8 zones or around $3,200 (7 zones x $450).

With that said, if you would like a free estimate,
please click here to complete our estimate appointment form


Check out our section on "Things To Look For" when getting an estimate.


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