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We design your system to ensure complete coverage by overlapping areas in order to prevent dry spots. Your system is custom designed in order to fit your particular needs and lawn shape.

The goal of a well-designed system is to simulate a light rainfall. In order to do that there needs to be even irrigation. This is where head-head coverage comes into play.

Warning: Beware of Johnny Low Bid. He'll place two or three sprinkler heads in your front yard and "sling" water everywhere. Oh yes, everything will get wet, but not evenly. This is the key to a good design.

Without good design, you will have dry spots. Some areas will be too wet, and others too dry. Our systems come with a three-year warranty and a guarantee of absolutely no dry spots.

We, at Rideau's Lawn Sprinkler, have been designing systems for well over a decade and have experienced many challenging landscapes. You deserve to have a well-designed system. Let us custom design your system. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

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