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Company Background Info

Q: How long have you guys been in business?
A: Over 16 years. We have been installing sprinklers as a business since April 1984. We, the Rideau brothers, obtained our experience working in Baytown back in the 1970's.

Q: Do you guys have a store?
A: No, we are a home-based, family-run business.

Q: Do you guys accept credit cards or charge cards?
A: No, we do not. We chose not to go with credit cards because:
1. Our customers rarely request credit/charge card transactions.
2. We do installations only half of the year and it would not be cost-effective for us to pay the monthly fees in our off-season. We would have to keep the credit/charge card account active.
3. It allows us to stay competitive in our pricing. Credit/charge card companies would charge us a percentage of each transaction which would translate in an increase to you, the customer.

Q: Why should I do business with your company, as opposed to a more reputable company?
A: We are as reputable as they come. We have a great reputation and lists of references dating back over 12 years. Our focus is on service, service and service. Larger companies, by default, have to direct their focus on cost-savings in order to remain competitive in the open market. As a result, we install a higher-quality system, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction. We are able to back up our quality of workmanship with a three (3) year written warranty on parts and labor. If you are looking for a "personable company", one that will "freely" answer any questions that you may have, come out to assist you, and one that will provide you with lawn sprinkler service for many years to come, then you should do business with us.

Q: You say you offer a three (3) year written warranty, but what if you jump ship, or go out of business?
A. Excellent question. Concerning jumping ship, we have families (school-age children) and we love the Houston area, and plan to be around for a while. We are not a fly-by-night company, merely operating out of a truck, or one that is new to the Houston area. We have customer references dating back 12 years. We have shown year after year that we are in the business for the long haul. We love the sprinkler business! Besides, all of our customers know where and how to find us. Concerning going out of business, there are no guarantees in life and big companies do it all the time, without a word of warning to the general public. In reality, because we do not operate on a large budget, the big storefront companies would go out of business before we would. We are a home-based business, so our building expenses are covered. We simply supply the parts, labor, and expertise. We do not have full-time employees with pensions and 401K plans. Our family members are the core of the employee-base, therefore we all give 110% to make sure that we maintain our hard-earned reputation.

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Q: What should I look for in a company when getting an estimate?
A: Glad you should ask. Check our information section "Things to Look for".

Q: How much do you charge for an estimate in writing?

A: Nothing. Zilch. Nada. And did we mention that estimates are complimentary?

Q: What do you do to my lawn when you do an estimate?
A: If we "flag-out" your yard, we place small multicolored flags in your lawn and garden every place that we are going to install a sprinkler head. This gives both you and us a design layout, so to speak. For smaller lawns, we simply do a walk-through; we can measure, by steps, where certain sprinkler heads will go.

Elite Systems
On the written estimate for our elite systems, we show an approximate number of sprinkler heads that will be used on your system and we also show the number of zones (watering areas) that your system will require to completely cover your lawn, shrubbery, and flower beds. On our elite systems, we guarantee absolutely no dry spots providing that you water your grass at least every other day.

Econo Systems
On the written estimate for our econo systems, we show you the number of zones and heads that it will take to get everything wet. There is only a one year warranty on parts and labor. There is no guarantee of no dry spots on an econo system. You will have to determine how long to water to ensure that everything gets the proper amount of water.

Q: Do I have to be present for the estimate?
A: No, but we highly recommend your presence. This way, we are able to do a walk through with you and answer any questions that you might have. We enjoy meeting with you, face-to-face, rather just being a voice over the phone or an e-mail address over the web!

Q: Why was your estimate so much higher than my other one?
A: We admit...we are never the lowest bid in a bid war. If its a cheap system that you are looking for, we simply do not install them, but we do know them when we see them! The do-it-yourselfer is simply going to go the local hardware products store and purchase non-commercial components which may last you 3 years, if you are fortunate.

Our systems are built by 100% commercial parts and last anywhere from 15 years and up. We've been in business over 16 years and don't know of one that's not still running. This is why we can comfortably back our systems with a three-year written warranty on all parts and labor. Did your other bids come with that?

You and I have learned over and over again..."You get what you pay for". The do-it-yourselfer is probably not licensed and also is going to put as few sprinkler heads in your yard to "sling" water every where. We simply don't skip steps. Our systems have enough heads to both efficiently and accurately irrigate your lawn in a short time, which also adds longevity to your system. You've invested much in your lawn and plants, which will need replacing ofen--why not invest in an irrigation system that is going to last you for many many years to come?

Q: If I like your estimate, what's the next step?
A: Sign your estimate. It becomes a contract when you sign it at the bottom. We will then need a deposit. Call Joe at 713-455-5955, better yet, page him at 713-508-3596 and he will call you right back. He will then make arrangements for a utility company to come out and mark your lines and then set a tentative installation date.
Press here for more information on our step-by-step process

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Q: When you install a sprinkler system, isn't this going to tear up my lawn?
A: In the midst of the job it can be a frightening sight to some homeowners, but no, your yard will not be damaged. We think that we do a pretty good job at restoring your lawn. We use state-of-the-art equipment to dig trenches in your yard which are approximately four (4) inches wide. After we install your sprinkler system, we refill the trenches with the original soil, and neatly rake a slight elevation over your trenches to compensate for run-off during watering. During the warmer months, the grass grows back in about 3 weeks.
Here are two photos of different trenches

Q: How much does a new elite system cost?
A: Our elite systems are our top-of-the-line system. We also offer an econo system (see below). The cost of our elite systems depend on several factors: The size of the lawn, its layout, the size of pipe on your incoming water line, and whether it is a residential or commercial system. An average residential system uses a 3/4 inch line to feed the water to the residence. With a medium-sized yard for a 2,000 square foot house with a front and back yard installation, we are talking about a 7 or 8 zone system, averaging about $450-$500 per zone. Small yards may only require 4-5 zones total (back and front). With the smallest of yards you are looking at a minimum of $2,000 for one of our elite systems.

Q: How much does a new econo system cost?
A: This is usually 2/3 to 1/2 the price of the elite system. Fewer sprinkler heads are used and fewer zones are used. This leaves you will less control (in terms of flowers daily and grass every other day) and a lower installation cost. You will simply have to water for a longer period of time. Anything is better than dragging hoses around the yard in 90+ degree weather!...right?

Q: What is a zone?
A: A zone is the isolated portion of your sprinkler system that waters a certain area. On an average residential system, each zone can use up to 15-18 gallons per minute. Only one zone can be on at any given time, thus insuring that you get ample water volume to each area (zone). If you had all your sprinkler heads receiving water at one time, the water would literally "trickle" out, at best.

Q: How long does it take for you to install a system?
A: For residential installations, we average 1 to 2 days. These are consecutive days, barring a severe thunderstorm. Our goal is to serve you, both promptly and efficiently. We want to get your system installed and your lawn back to order as soon as possible. We always straighten up any time we leave the job site, so your property is never left a mess overnight.

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Q: How much maintenance will I have to perform on my "elite" system?
A: Virtually none! This is what makes it elite. On rare occasions you may have to change your timer settings: e.g. less watering time in the fall. We set your sprinkler head angles and rotation at installation. From time to time, you may want to adjust those yourself.

Q. Will I have to set my timer every day or every week?
A. No. Simply set it one time. You may program a weekly schedule (e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sundays) for your grass areas (zones) and at the same time a daily schedule for your flower bed and shrubbery zones.
Click here for more information on watering times.

Q. What about the real hot and dry times of the summer , how do I water more?
A. Simply push one button to set your timer to increase (or decrease) the watering time on a percentage basis (e.g. 150%, 200%, etc.). This one button applies simultaneously to all zones. Your timer will water on the same schedule as before, except it will increase the time accordingly. Example: Let's say you water your flowers for 10 minutes every day and your grass for 15 minutes every other day. If you push 200%, which is a request to increase, your timer will now adjust and water your flowers 20 minutes every day and your grass for 30 minutes every other day. Notice, the 200% button causes all zones to double in watering time, just as you requested. It does not affect "when" each zone will water, it only affects "how long" each zone will water. This setting will remain day-to-day, week-to-week, until you change it.

Q. When it rains, will I have to turn off my timer?
A. No. We install a small device, called a rain gauge, on your roof which communicates to your system whether or not sufficient rainfall has recently occurred. Therefore, if it rains sufficiently, your system will not come on that day. Once the water evaporates, your system will resume operation, automatically.
Press here for more information on the rain gauge

Q. What about when it freezes, what will I have to do?
A. You will only have to take action if the temperature is going to fall below 15 degrees F for more than four (4) hours, which is extremely rare in the Houston area.
Press here for more information on freeze protection

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